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Managed Services

Leveraging our highly regarded applications (Packaged and Custom) and infrastructure service practices and our highly customer centric engagement models, we are one of the premium Apps & Infra Managed Service providers globally. Our reputation as a managed services provider rests on our ability to anticipate and manage change in both technology and business practices, while delivering tangible and measurable benefits. We are uniquely positioned as an “Infra ready applications partner” and an “Applications ready infra partner” to drive cost optimization, reliable and strategic IT operations. We approach each customer engagement to ensure that we develop a tailored service model for their unique needs. Our key differentiators lie in our flexibility, responsiveness and knowledge based managed services delivery.

As one of the largest packaged ( SAP , Oracle & Microsoft) application service providers and a leading Infra services globally , ITPM combines the experience gained over 20+ years with market leading tools, accelerators & frameworks to provide business-aligned services across the IT Landscape of our customers. We help our customers with right technology investments, delivering value and building a future-ready IT landscape.

ITPM has developed and deployed focused (many a times Niche) Managed Services offerings based on customer demands.

Application Management

 ITPM Application Managed Services  leverages our extensive experience in helping leading global corporations manage extremely complex and diverse applications.

As an “Infra ready Applications partner”, we are a “Managed Services Partner of Choice” for companies of all sizes

Network and Telecommunications

Corporate Real Estate Managed Services