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Good communication is at the core of all successful businesses. The ability to communicate successfully within teams, departments and companies is fundamental to meeting business targets and achieving goals. Extending that requirement to communicate with clients, suppliers and colleagues outside of the immediate vicinity necessitates the availability of a dependable and feature rich set of telecommunications services.

Our clients trust ITPM Consulting to advise on, develop and deploy the telecommunications services and technologies that enhance their communications capabilities, make them more efficient and minimise their cost of ownership. Working with clients on some of their most challenging problems, we help them move from concept to completion of network construction and into operation in the minimum time and with minimum risk.

ITPM’s Telecommunications Practice provides strategic and tactical consultancy services to our clients in the areas of technology, operations and commercial management. Using our expertise and the experience of our consultants in voice and data networks we provide consultancy led services across the technology lifecycle to clients operating enterprise and service provider networks. 

Typical requirements cover:

In addition, we have developed a range of products and services for those clients who wish to gain a deeper understanding of their network and control the associated costs. If you need help getting to grips with an ever expanding portfolio of services from service providers, need to audit your PBX estate prior to transition, or just need to document a data centre, we can help.


ITPM’s Telecommunications Practice provides both strategic and detailed consultancy services to clients wishing to deploy, transform or optimise telecommunications networks and services. With expertise in both enterprise and service provider networks we are able to take an experienced and analytical approach to supporting change – ensuring sound decisions and robust strategies result from the myriad of technical, operational, regulatory and commercial considerations.

Capabilities include:

Communication Design Build Operate

From the initial strategy review and design production to implementation of new network and on to operations, ITPM’s consultants have the expertise to assure optimum results and ensure that your new network is deployed with minimum risk and maximum satisfaction. Provided either as individual engagements or as part of a Turn-Key build of new network incorporating the complete life-cycle, ITPM can support all aspects of network deployment – leaving you to focus on managing services and supporting business operations.


Sound design is fundamental to the successful deployment and operation of a telecommunications network.

We bring proven expertise to the design of telecommunications infrastructure. We have particular expertise in the following areas:


We can provide highly capable, programme/project management, engineering and implementation teams to ensure that network construction is delivered in accordance with design and on the planned completion day.

Our project teams have successfully completed network build projects for some of the most demanding clients in some of the more challenging locations; including UK, Europe, Middle-East, Africa and Asia to conduct site surveys and deliver comprehensive audits.


Once deployed, it is important that networks are operated in accordance with the design criteria. Establishing new operational staff or developing existing teams does not however always receive the priority required to ensure optimum performance from day one.

ITPM is able to offer a number of alternative solutions to those needing operational support. At time of build, this could involve the addition of a period of operational responsibility for the new network/services to the build programme or it may require ITPM to set up and staff a new Network Operations Centre as part of an off-shoring programme. In all cases, we deliver the key components of process, people and technology aligned with a clients agreed operational strategy.