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Application Services

Changes and disruptions in the Global Business world are pushing an overhaul to the Applications landscape of companies. Retaining and fostering the competitive edge is becoming harder. ITPM is working with some of the most dynamic global corporations in helping them develop, re-imagine, implement, roll-out, rationalise, re-platform, migrate to the cloud and manage applications of all sorts and hues. With deep domain knowledge, expertise across packaged and custom applications and ability to consult and advice, we have been at the forefront of the change that is sweeping the Industry.

ITPM’s range of Application Services includes:

Packaged Application Services

ITPM is one of the largest Packaged Application Services providers globally. We have a team of 2500+ consultants (including Vertical, Functional and Technical specialists) and multiple Centres of Excellence (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, QAD, Infor). Services include Implementations, Global Rollouts, Migrations & Upgrades, Re-implementations & Global Template creation among others. With an equal focus on on-premise and cloud versions of these packaged applications including complex hybrid deployments, ITPM has the expertise and bandwidth to engage in the most difficult assignments. Read more

Application Development Services

Application development is rapidly evolving in today’s digital world. A whole range of new tools, methodologies are intersecting with changing demands from end users. Cloud adoption is significantly impacting development and deployment choices. The need for quick turnaround of projects while adapting to new requirements, scalability considerations and the intense focus on business value is changing the landscape. Hence choosing an Application Development partner that can deliver to all these expectations is a tough task.

ITPM’s has extensive application architecting and development experience leveraging Agile, Lean and DevOps. ITPM’s development teams are backed by a number of technology Centres of excellence. We have worked with our customers in helping them accelerate Dev Ops adoption within their enterprise. We work with our clients in Co-Developing and Co-Innovating, while being responsible for end to end delivery. This has made us a Partner of Choice for undertaking challenging projects with leading global corporations. Read more

Application Management Services

Managing applications and enabling driving value from them is one of our core Application Services offerings. With a 20 year history in helping companies minimise application downtime and maximise throughput, we are an acknowledged leader in the area. With a strong domain and team of experienced professionals, ITPM has managed complex Landscapes across packaged (SAP Applications, Oracle EBS-JDE, Microsoft Dynamics, QAD, Infor) & custom (Java, Dotnet, Mainframe, Legacy) applications. With a well-regarded AMS methodology, proprietary tools & frameworks and efficient solution accelerators, we have helped organisations reduce maintenance work while driving innovation. Read more

Application Portfolio Rationalisation Services

ITPM’s focused APRM methodology allows customers with complex landscapes to look for opportunities to rationalise their portfolio, retiring applications, re-writing/re-platforming them while looking for ways to maximise value. Read more

Application Modernisation Services

Business critical applications that have been developed on ageing or obsolete tools/platforms are standard in any global organisation. Evaluating the best ways to get this done is part of our business advisory practice. With a team of specialists, we would assess the application, suggest the best possible roadmap, including potentially re-architecting it on the cloud and move it there, with minimal disruption. Read more

Integration Services

With substantial experience over the last few decades in providing architecture consulting, expertise across an extensive range of middleware tools and cross-Industry business process knowledge; ITPM is a leading Integration Services provider.

With a strong multi-technology advisory-consulting-execution team, proprietary tools, frameworks & methodologies and comprehensive testing capabilities; ITPM is able to architect solutions and get complex integration needs fulfilled expeditiously. Read more

Enterprise Application Testing Services

Customers are looking to enhance the speed of testing & improving the quality of applications while simultaneously automating tasks and optimizing costs. ITPM’s testing practice combines robust frameworks & accelerators with test automation script repositories and deep applications expertise to ensure an unmatched testing experience for our customers. Architecting and building customer specific TCOE’s is a specialty. Read more