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Our Network Audit Service Provides comprehensive, fast and accurate examination

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Network Audit

For many reasons, networks need to be audited periodically; be it to satisfy the needs of a maintenance provider, a managed service supplier, the end user or as part of a Transition to an outsourced solution. ITPM has developed a set of standard network audit services based upon an integrated combination of automated systems and experienced audit teams.

Voice Networks – ITPM Asset Manager

Conventional methods of auditing a voice network involve sending a technician and laptop to site and are both time consuming (expensive) and prone to human error. This combination of high cost and low efficiency often lead to audits being deferred, cancelled or just not planned at all.

ITPM Asset Manager has been designed to overcome the difficulties associated with the conventional audit approach. It provides a comprehensive, fast and accurate examination of one or more voice platforms and enables the execution of the audit to be carried out automatically either by remote access, or from a local PC inside the enterprise network.

The inventory reports provided by Asset Manager are designed to provide the reader with clear and easy to navigate data describing the configuration of a PBX and associated systems. Reports are provided via a dedicated web portal as standard but can be downloaded from the portal and saved in many of the common data formats, including Excel and CSV files or delivered by email as an automatically generated report – customized to the detail level required by the recipient.

ITPM Asset Manager can be provided as a service from our own servers as a dedicated solution for large enterprises who wish to have a greater level of control or require a higher frequency of scanning – both options provide the same high degree of accuracy in a high speed, high efficiency solution.

Physical Site Audit

There is a need to periodically collect or update data describing physical network installations as changes made to datacentre layouts, equipment configurations or service provider installations change over time. Records update and validation tasks such as this are often at the bottom of the priority list for overstretched networks departments which can result in network documentation bearing little resemblance to the actual state of the estate – which is not what you want when failure strikes.

ITPM are able to provide an auditing service aimed at capturing and updating site specific information which can be tailored to the requirements of individual organizations. Whether you need to produce CAD drawings of a datacentre floor plan or just need to validate the accuracy and update your visio rack layouts we can provide the team.